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David Christopher Holcomb, Esq.

Attorney-At-Law, ADR Neutral & Nebraska 4.3 S.A.D.R. Parenting Act Mediator In Omaha Nebraska, U.S.A.


David Christopher Holcomb is a nationally renowned attorney, national politician, and a highly successful Nebraska State certified 4.3 S.A.D.R. mediator. Holcomb is currently a successful licensed attorney practicing law full-time in the State of Nebraska; Holcomb has been practicing law since 2008. Holcomb’s mediation experience and practice of law includes: arbitration and attorney representation for arbitration, family law, marital dissolution, uncontested divorce, wills, civil disputes, human trafficking law and justice, real estate and mortgage law, contract law, identity fraud, mediation of business and financial disputes, mediation of church disputes, mediation of family disputes, mediation of civil disputes, mediation of real estate disputes, and entertainment law.

David Christopher Holcomb has completed the mediation training required by the Nebraska Supreme Court Office of Dispute Resolution, and he is an approved, highly successful Nebraska Parenting Act Mediator. Additionally, David Christopher Holcomb is a Nebraska State certified Specialized Alternative Dispute Resolution Mediator (“S.A.D.R. Mediator”) — and also an accomplished and successful 4.3 Nebraska Parenting Plan Mediator affiliated with the Nebraska Douglas County Conciliation Court. Additionally, Holcomb is a former therapist, a profound problem solver, an outstanding sincere listener who exceeds goals, and a creative thinker, skilled family mediator, financial mediator, experienced attorney, highly-skilled negotiator, innovative business mediator, and accomplished divorce mediator with over 21 years experience!

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